Guide to writing a new article -in (EN) in other language (Bg)-> Ръководство за успешна статия


Mandatory (minimum) requirements of each article

  • A brief summary - at least one sentence summarizing the article. - Template {personality} if it is for person (person).
  • Clarifications - basic principles, history, discoveries. - biography, work and achievements.
  • Introduction - basic information, links, formulas. - life
  • Application - where, how, what is it used for. - works
  • Images on the topic - at least one. When uploading your image, check the copyright. -portrait
  • external links - useful links to other articles - at least one. - links
  • Sources (References) - At least one source confirming authenticity and notability .

>(Code: /ref/ {reflist} That is the old style Used in Bg. Wikipedia)<< >>New Method>> To not write the code, you can use the "Cittate" button by copying the desired text and placing the /URL address/ of your source.

  • Category -At least One, so your article to be easy to found.

The most common reasons to block you in Wiki-Bulgaria.

1. Multiply publish a page that can not be an article or part of an article.

2. Trim Sources or text from a foreign article repeatedly with subsequent edits. Type of editorial war.

3. Log in to the system with hidden IP address. or multiple addresses.

4. Send threats and insults to users or administrators.

5. Use inappropriate words for a username.

6. Make frequent edits in sections that are not intended for editing by users.

7. Delete another user's talk page.

8. Enter inappropriate information in the articles.

9. Expected proposals.

Delete Wiki profile Difficulty: IMPOSSible

Wikipedia is one of the few sites that DO NOT allow you to delete your account. Exactly! Once you have an account there - it's forever. The account is complexly tied to your IP address. Although there is some hope if you really do not want to be associated with it. In most cases, profiles can be renamed and user pages deleted. Although this does not delete traces entirely, it is an effective solution to disappear from the site. Wikipedia's reasons for this are that all posts must be associated with a username / user. They can not be anonymous or have no "author", as this will destroy the public and open nature of the site. Almost the same applies to WordPress.

Delete uploaded photos

Deleting user uploaded photos is in the Wikimedia Commons. To find all your photos, you need to enter your username in the search box. Then you choose the desired photo and enter the {delete}} template in the description field, which automatically sends the photo to be deleted. There is other methods to do this. Sample page.

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